1. Just a quick update, here’s a piece that I have been working on over the past week. This was a comission from a local club ‘Welly’, I based the design on portraits of the quirky, young and alternative types that go to the club. Keeping the characters portraits faceless as I have done before :)


  2. Here’s my work at the New Designers Show in Islington London. Had a great week exhibiting!


  3. Silk screen printed feminist zine including review of Kate Nash and The Tuts gig. Finally completed, now to sew ten more of them :-).


  4. For those that couldn’t make it to the degree show, I’ve taken a few snaps of my space to share. Was really happy with this! I wanted the draws to add interaction to the space and wanted people to look through them to see what was in there. I had placed handprinted cards, screen printed material and tote bags in there. I hope to put these items on sale on an etsy shop of my own as soon as I get around to it.


  5. Made lots of different covers for my feminist zine yesterday. I used open screens and mixed various pink shades (shades and colours that are perceived as feminine). I wanted each cover to come out entirely different so that each zine is unique and one of a kind. I finished up by screen printing the name over the top.


  6. Feminist zine in the making :-)


  7. Here’s a screen print that I’ve been working on. This image was created originally using fine liner and watercolour (the original is one of my earlier posts on this page). I scanned the image into photoshop and transferred it to a halftone so that the tones used would come out perfectly when printed. This is just one of the images I will be using in my feminist zine.


  8. Look what arrived in the post today, my business cards! Yey!


  9. Preparations for the screen printed zines that I will be selling at my degree show. Got 300 pieces of paper to measure out.


  10. Finished logo designs #screenprint #printmaking #daniellalouiseward